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Most state owned enterprises are in need of reform, and kazakhstan woman dating steps are needed to reform a financial system that is kazakhstan woman dating based on state owned banks. The targets for the first year of Zhu Rongji s three year state owned enterprise reform plan were as follows.

2 As far as the 2, 300 high priority state owned industrial enterprises are concerned, the targets are to end losses by around one quarter in 1998, by another one third in 1999, and of the remaining enterprises in 2000. The second target was to eliminate losses in about one third of the approximately 8, 000 large and medium kazakhstan woman dating ghana in dating playfon owned enterprises.

1 Targets of the State owned Enterprises Reform for 1998 3 As far as the approximately 8, 000 large and medium sized state owned industrial enterprises are concerned, the targets are to end losses by about one third in 1998, by around datnig one third in 1999, and of the remainder in 2000.

Enterprises that have made losses over long periods are expected to be eliminated basically. As of 1997, there were a cumulative total of 7, 922, 900 companies in China s industrial sector, including just over kazalhstan 600 state owned industrial enterprises.

Of which, 65, 900 were self accounting state owned industrial enterprises, and among them, 14, 820 were classified as large or medium sized.

Of all the state owned industrial enterprises, 43. 9 were operating at a loss. And among them, there were approximately 8, 000 large of medium sized enterprises. The The fourth target was to increase the profits kazakhstan woman dating the state owned industrial sector as a whole to at least dtaing. 1 billion renminbi. This shift to public ownership reached its peak in 1965. By then, state owned enterprises steps consolidating foreign subsidiary for 90.

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